Communication Design

Charles Pollaers

Bachelor of Communication Design

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I'm Charles Pollaers. A sydney-based Senior Integrated Designer who works across all areas of graphic design — from digital animation to print and typography. I love painting and creating music and prefer modern, geometric design that serves a purpose without over complication.

The Double Brewing Company

To develop a brand with a unique and engaging story. I was the sole designer of The Double Brewing Company. A brewery dedicated to the history of beer that showcases the feminine origins of beer brewing in an attempt to remove the stigma of beer as a man's drink. The brand uses playful design and bright colours to appear feminine but not patronising or "girly" and symbolises it's identity with a hops bud emerging from the historically feminine lotus flower.

FACE Magazine

To develop a magazine for designers by designers that explores the many areas within graphic design. Each issue has a unique identity and masthead to showcase its content and is designed from the ground up to highlight the beauty of the subject matter while staying true to the FACE brand.