Communication Design

Candice Rhea

Bachelor of Communication Design

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I am Candice, a strategic creative, specialising in brand storytelling, strategy and design. My foundation of creative ​​skill and intuition guides me in creating bold visual experiences. I'm an Australian, living in Portland, Oregon USA.

Tini Tastes Brand Development & Packaging

This project provided Tini Tastes with a brand and packaging solution to compliment their brand's purpose; 'to guide parents through food allergy awareness and prevention with cut-through content and class-leading wellness products.'

Gertrude Street Projection Festival UX/UI Design

This project had me personify Gertrude Street Projection Festival through a website. The pages take on the persona of a night dweller, using imagery from the GSPF portfolio to emphasise colour and vibrance. This site embodies what projection art brings to the darkness.

Project/Client Website