Communication Design

Brianna Short

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hi, I'm Brianna but I usually go by Bri. Three key things about me are that I love reading, and eating chocolate but I hate bananas. I'm looking forward to working in design and focusing on working within the music industry as well.

Stolen Oranges

Album artwork of my dreams. A project that blends all that I love with the design. It's a little whimsical and odd. Representing myself as a designer and a musician. Without being too odd for a selfie in a record shop. This project, took clever planning and conceptualisation to create a cohesive piece.

Project/Client Website

CityPods Coffee

Packaging, it is an integral part of being a designer. With the structural design as well as creating a brand. With the Citypods coffee, the exploration of the two went underway. It came to my attention a lack of packaging within the coffee pods that opened horizontally over at the ends for long-sleeved boxes. So I created a design that helped turn a sleeve into an open container.

With that packaging in mind, I created a brand surrounding that market. The branding was inspired by how each city on the east coast of Australia has such different coffee cultures, which is how CityPods was created. Each line of pods/flavours represents a city.

It added a level of loyalty and brand without saying anything. As it represents a part of the Aussie coffee culture.

Project/Client Website