Diploma of Graphic Design

Bonnie Rae McCormick

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, I’m a Brisbane-based freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I’m a passionate creative specialising in illustration, branding & concept development, who strives to produce dynamic and memorable work that elevates a brand’s authenticity and character.


PRONTO Pasta was a brand and concept designed by myself to respond to an existing market need. The design featured pre-portioned pasta in individual sections that allows the user to use only what is necessary - streamlining the prep process, minimising food waste and eliminating excessive materials through sustainable packaging design.

DL Brochure for The Australian Ballet

Duotone DL size promotional brochure for the Australian Ballet’s touring performance of Cinderella. Working with sourced and original imagery that celebrated the production’s unique style of whimsy, sophistication and surreal, other-worldly elements, the aim was to embody themes of the beloved fairy tale within a contemporary and sophisticated tone of voice.