3D Design and Animation

Blake Murphie

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation

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Hey I'm Blake Murphie, a 3D Artist from Sydney that enjoys designing and creates realistic creatures. I'm looking to work as a 3D Modeller or Look Development Artist for film with the aim to one day create my own short CG documentary.

Alien Bird Creature

This was my first finished creature model that I completed as a personal project. Named Aderjun, this is a humanoid alien species I created that draws inspiration from Cassowaries and featherless owls. It was based on my own concept art and was my first experience using Substance Painter for texturing.

The model is fully rigged and was used for animation in a course at Billy Blue in 2021.

Project/Client Website

Swamp Cattle Creature

The Swamp Cattle is an original creature concept and scene I created to practice film production workflows for realistic creatures/characters. Inspired by water buffalo, cattle and elephants, these six-limbed creatures graze through mud and shallow water for food. This was my first time creating a realistic environment for a creature model. Created outside of my studies for my portfolio.

Project/Client Website

Blake Murphie Video bio