Branded Fashion Design

Bec Monty

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

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Hi I'm Bec!

I live in Sydney's Northern Beaches, so naturally have a love for the beach and an interest in surf wear. I'm also especially interested in streetwear. I love to design with bright colours and enjoy designing fun prints. I feel fulfilled when being creative so I'm looking to work as a designer.

Decay Country

The concept for this collection uses decaying objects found in Australia as a metaphor for the decline of Australian country life. The decline of Australian country life is not new – either as a phenomenon or a concern. ‘Decay Country’ tells a story of crisis and decline in Australia’s environment. The decaying theme leans form to frayed hems, decayed cut-outs and a rustic print which I developed myself to get digitally printed.


We like straight lines because of a fundamental property of the universe- the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Intertwining the natural world with the man-made, this collection features shapes derived from the straight lines both humans and nature have created. ‘Intertwined’ taps into the idea of slowing down fashion to create a world where we can live alongside nature as if we are one “straight line”.