UX and Web Design

Ayisha Zraika

Bachelor of UX and Web Design

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Ayisha Taye Zraika is a Lebanese-Ethiopian woman of descent living in Western Sydney. I'm currently interning for Resolution Digital and have nearly completed my Bachelor of UX and Web Design at Billy Blue College of Design. I hope to graduate as a Service and UX Designer to help companies create simplistic user experiences focusing on improving accessibility across digital media.


For this project, my university — Torrens University Australia — gave students the freedom to produce a body of work pursuing a topic that aligns with their passions. Chromacity, a web-based service educating creatives on colour psychology and accessibility, was my final submission.


During my time studying at HEX Ed on scholarship, I collaborated with a variety of mentors to understand all the crucial considerations which go into creating a competitive social enterprise. Planco — a web-based sustainability service — is the final product created from this unit.

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