Diploma of Photo Imaging

Anthony Wong

Diploma of Diploma of Photo Imaging

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Hey! My name is Anthony and I'm a photographer based in Brisbane. I focus predominantly on product, advertising, food, and other commercial styles of photography. I bring a decade of sales & marketing experience into my creative process with the aim to help businesses of all sizes connect with their customers.


In this project, I have focused on creating engaging and visually pleasing hero images that can be used in marketing and advertising. The creative direction in these images is to invoke a sense of drama, scale, and use lighting in a way that accentuates the product. During the creative process, I also took into account the commercial aspects of each product. By understanding the brand, the product, and the target audience, my aim was to produce imagery that would connect with the customer and create a sense of desire and wanting of the product.

Food & Beverage

In this project I have focused on the food and beverage industry. Being such a competitive market with various brands and products competing in the same sector, I have created imagery with the intention of cutting through the noise and designed to hold the viewers' attention. To do this, I have utilised bold colours, form, and other creative techniques to produce imagery that stands out from the ordinary.