Communication Design

Anneke Cripps

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hello! My name is Anneke (sounds like "uh-nik-uh") and I currently reside in Brisbane, Australia.

As I look to move beyond university, I am excited to continue exploring and growing my skills and passions in illustration, branding, product design, and media campaigns.
I design innovative products, meaningful identities, and immersive experiences. I can't wait to help change the world, one ethical, and sustainable choice at a time.

The Social Lie

The social lie is a branded experience and campaign that follows the culture of social media manipulation and fraud. This project unmasks the impossible beauty and lifestyle standards shown online. The deliverables include a conceptualised branded experience and corresponding assets including, social media posts, marketing, and ancillary products.

Project/Client Website

Broadway Homestay

Broadway Homestay is a site and brand reinvigoration of the Broadway hotel located in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. The historical site had fallen into disarray after multiple debilitating fires and has sat untouched in the years since. After researching the surrounding area and the local community I decided to reinvent the Broadway Hotel into the Broadway Homestay, a medical homestay for people and families who require accommodation that is in proximity to Hospitals and specialised clinics.

The rejuvenated branding and assets are modern yet pay homage to the building’s history.

Project/Client Website