Diploma of Graphic Design

Anna Bubner

Diploma of Diploma of Graphic Design

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Hi! I’m Anna. You can even cheer me on. Go, Anna!

I’m a research-oriented graphic designer with experience designing for retail and healthcare settings. I never quit, designing beverage labels, product packaging, custom mock-ups and restoring vintage photos in my spare time.

Personal Identity

In order to build a brand identity for myself, I needed to research and reflect on myself and my design. I analysed projects at work and university which I am proud of and enjoyed creating, which led to mind-mapping elements of my work ethic and style. From here I created a scope for my identity through a series of key words, moodboards and colour schemes.

Considering my love for grid based design and pushing a creative brief as far as I can, I came up with an identity that was professional with a touch of quirk. The 'Goanna' logo was a logical play on words, and represents my dedication, efficiency and passion when it comes to a design project.

Here I have sourced my own materials, a recycled linen paper and backboard to create high quality mockups which I have photographed and inserted my resume and portfolio pages into.

Project/Client Website

Packaging and Branding for the Tea Industry

A project to design innovative packaging for the tea industry, addressing common frustrations for tea drinkers.

My solution was a cylindrical box made out of recycled cardboard. A liner sits within the cylinder to protect the tea, keeping it fresh. The round shape is stackable and fits nicely on the shelf, standing out against the square shaped packaging which dominates the isle. It’s recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Special care has been taken in constructing the product itself, opting for a ‘tea dissolve’ instead of a teabag which has extra packaging, and is easier than looseleaf (no additional accessories are required to prepare). This product has been crafted for the user, prioritising simple packaging to reflect the easy to prepare tea inside. This is not at the expense of the outer shell, which has been given its own character and personality.

Several concept sketches and physical prototypes were created to test the feasibility and usability of the packaging. Branding was also rolled out over several touch points such as merchandise.

Project/Client Website