UX and Web Design

Anmol Virk

Bachelor of UX and Web Design

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My name is Anmol Virk, I'm a front end developer based in brisbane. I am incredibly passionate about developing user interfaces and bringing visually stunning designs to life. I have been creating digital experiences such as websites, apps, and video games ever since middle school. I love working on personal projects in my spare time to learn new technologies and keep myself updated with the ever-evolving software industry.


Uplyft is a collection of multiple apps, each designed to help you conquer specific challenges in life. I developed this full-stack project, handling UI design, UX design, front-end, and back-end development.

Project/Client Website


Pencyl is a tool designed to make the proccess of designing and generating NFTs as easy as possible. I designed and developed a platform for creating and generating NFTs from beginning to end.

Project/Client Website