Angelo Estoque

Bachelor of Gaming Ultimo

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I'm Angelo, a software engineer specialising in gameplay programming with multiple published games for desktop platforms, WebGL and developed a game for the PlayStation 4. I'm based in Sydney and I'm looking to break into the gaming industry as a gameplay programmer.

The Great Jelltastic Escape

A physics based adventure puzzle game developed from concept all the way through production. I was the lead programmer and my major contributions include but not limited to:

• Procedural jiggle animation for softbody physics
• Custom interpreter for rich text block
• BP exclusive async level loader

Project/Client Website


First person puzzle platformer, that was heavily inspired by the portal games. I was the only programmer.
Submitted to the Billy Blue Jam Factory and won best mechanical design award.
My major contributions but not limited to:

• Custom stencil shader pass
• Advanced platformer movement
• Scriptable objects for input handling
• Async level loading

Project/Client Website