Communication Design

Alizee Fleming

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hey, my name is Alizee!

I am a passionate graphic designer specialising in illustration. My work is guided by being down to earth, empathetic, intuitive and at times playful. I have a strong interest in helping people and producing thoughtful, sustainable outcomes with a lasting impact, whilst also harnessing a positive mindset, which is evident throughout my work and my life.

Pebble's Adventure To Save The Planet

Pebble the penguin sets off on an adventure around the world, to learn about what's happening to his home and the other animals. This children's book was a chance for me to explain how animals are affected by global warming and climate change due to human choices.

I wanted to give the animals a voice through the compelling story of pebble's adventure, by targeting children aged 6-10 as well as the school syllabus stage 1 and 2.

Toco Goes Loco

Toco the toucan, explores his emotions of being different from the other birds. This children's book is a wonderful way for children experiencing similar emotions, to learn alongside a relatable character that its okay to be different and it's beautiful to be unique.

This project allowed me to showcase the typeface 'Winny' I created, as well as my illustration skills.