Communication Design

Alicia Hassan

Bachelor of Communication Design

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Hello I am Alicia (A-lee-sya) I know it spelt super weird, my early struggles with reading led me to finding ways of communicating through visual language, igniting my interest in the way that design has the power to impact social change.

I am an empathetic and down to earth person which allows me to connect well with others in a team environment, contributing towards brand identification, packing and typography design solutions.

I always use my natural curiosity and imagination to develop ideas, I am interested in finding creative ways of using these skillsets as a way of connecting with the world.


To research and develop a typeface that encompasses an acute awareness of cultural frameworks, shape and attention to detail. I created an Art Deco Display typeface that is inspired by 1920s typefaces.


This was a self initiated project focused on re-brand a sushi eatery and appeal. The solution to this brief was to create a brand that is beautiful and sustainable right down to the smallest of detail, but doesn’t compromises on quality