Interior Design Commercial

Alana Jackson

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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Alana, based in Western Sydney and a recent graduate from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University). I’m driven, dedicated, and passionate about art and design. My degree has strengthened my love for both. I’m eager to work in the interior design field and further my skills and knowledge.

Luke Nguyen at Pier One

Luke Nguyen is a world class chef who has two ventures in Sydney already – Red Lantern (est. 2002) and Botanic House (est. 2019). He is opening a new restaurant in the Pier One Hotel in Walsh Bay where the current space serves as a function room with water views towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The client wanted a space that transforms traditional restaurant dining by incorporating at least one communal table.

The vision for the new venture was to create a space that is a community “living room”. In a post-Covid world social interaction is encouraged and sought after more so than before, an idea the client will be harnessing though the menu and overall space. The identity of the space is defined by the vibrant lotus flowers, the national flower of Vietnam, hung above the satellite kitchen. This design is sleek and modern and yet welcoming where people can gather to enjoy authentic cuisine packed full of fresh ingredients.

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Nude by Nature Offices

1 Bligh Street was built in 2011 and serves as office suites. Nude by Nature (est. 2008) are one of Australia’s leading sustainable cosmetics and beauty companies. Their new office fit out will occupy an entire level in the building with harbour views.

The client wanted a minimalist and open planned space that is driven by encouraging collaboration amongst colleagues.

The vision for the space is a high-quality design completed with natural and sustainable materials that are Australian sourced. Incorporating the curves of the building was key to this design. The identity of the new offices is defined by the curved reception desk that features Australian stone and sustainable ash wood. This design is minimal, clean, and welcoming.

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