Interior Design Commercial

Aindra Zin

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial

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I am an enthusiastic interior designer who recently graduated from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University Australia) with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial).

I have a great interest in retail and hospitality design projects. I have excellent communication skills and confidence in building strong relationships with clients and industry partners. I enjoy working in a collaborative team environment as well as working independently. I am always excited to find out my strengths and weaknesses to improve and become a successful designer.

I am passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly designs with environmental care. My design inspiration comes from nature and traditional architectural designs.

I love travelling and exploring new cultures. I am dedicated to animal welfare and wildlife protection.

Bickford’s Expo Stand

Bickford’s beverages company intends to promote their new product at Good Food and Wine Show Expo. The main feature of this stand is modular system architecture designed to reflect the product. The medium size floor plan area is divided into three sectors for product display space, POS counter area, and a private area within the public zone to accommodate five to ten customers to drink the beverage.

Semicircle shape with 2-metre shelves is designed to be visible from four directions. The stand design is based on straight lines and round shape elements within a minimalist style. The comfortable sofa seating area next to the straight lines display shelf allows customers to experience the shady tree atmosphere. A combination of pink, white and mustard in a pastel tone to reflect the milky and fruity texture to create a unique design.

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MEECA Store Renovation

MECCA Beauty store in the Highpoint shopping centre at Maribyrnong is one of the largest megastores with 570-metre square.

The cold white lighting creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere when customers walk into the store, with a pastel colour palette to complement the brand's packaging and display. Pastel marble stone materials blend with indoor decorated plants to feature the brand’s green and sustainable philosophy. A dedicated shelving unit for brands with seating sofas has been designed for customer convenience. Solid marble benchtop with hand wash sink at the entrance is the main feature for a pandemic-proof design consideration within a spacious floor plan to allow for appropriate social distancing.

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